8/10 · Ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns

Caramel ice cream with a Cinnamon a Swirl & Chunks of Cinnamon Bun Dough 
After I tried the previous two Ben & Jerry’s flavours and read Lucy’s review, I couldn’t wait to try the Cinnamon Buns – even more so after the last couple of products I’ve reviewed have contained cinnamon and I’m getting a real taste for it.
I’m lucky (unlucky?) enough to live in the shadow of one of Tescos flagship stores and so we tend to get new stuff a little earlier but this was nowhere to be found. I finally found it in a tiny express store but since I ate it I’ve seen it in lots of different shops, typical!
I can’t say anything about the ice cream that I haven’t before; thick, creamy, super rich and I’ve only ever had one freezer burnt pint (Morrisons, I’m looking at you. You shouldn’t have to pick through 5 inches of ice to get the tubs!!). The base ice cream is caramel flavoured and is one of my favourites from Ben & Jerry’s. It’s delicious as always, nice and sweet with a good caramel flavour that is great on its own but doesn’t overpower any additional flavours or mix ins.
I came to the Cinnamon Bun chunks before the swirl and I loved them. Apparently there’s only supposed to be 11% in each pint but I had loads and they were all huge. They’re firmer than the cookie dough pieces in other flavours, and have a slightly gritty feel. The cinnamon flavour is lovely, not too strong with a slight spice and goes beautifully with the caramel ice cream.
The Cinnamon Swirl threw me at first, all the recent swirls in the new releases have been cookie swirls so I guess I was half expecting that but it’s more of a syrupy sauce. I really liked the cookie swirls but this one might just become a new favourite. It’s very thick and so gooey that most spoonfuls ended up leaving a cinnamon swirl trail stringing back into the tub! The cinnamon flavour is stronger in the swirl than the chunks and again has a nice, warm spiced flavour with little gritty cinnamon flecks that I could feel as well as taste.
I bought two tubs and Mr.1T kindly ‘helped’ me to review by eating the other and we both agree that this is a really good new flavour (he is still undecided on Pumpkin cheesecake) and this could very well be one of my new favourites however, our one small gripe is that both of us had a lot more of the cinnamon swirl in the bottom half and it would have been nice to be a bit more evenly distributed.
Happily the packaging also says new, no Christmas snowflakes or limited edition anywhere so I think this is here to stay!

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