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Asda Nutty Bites

Today’s review is an Asda own brand product, so this should be the part where I go on about the usually trustworthy blue ‘New!’ signs. Well they failed. Again. I nearly let two new bags of chocolates slip by me, thank God I could probably navigate most supermarket confectionary aisles with my eyes closed and spotted a couple of sneaky new additions.
I previously reviewed Asda’s bag of mini Mars bars – Caramel Bites and they got the thumbs up. I hoped this Snickers version – Nutty Bites would too.
There weren’t as many in this bag as I remembered before but I think they’re slightly larger, I imagine it would be harder to fit all the different parts to a Snickers (or Nutty Bite) into a truly bitesized piece. As expected this is a filled milk chocolate with peanuts, nougat and caramel.
The main thing I noticed was the nougat and the caramel. There was a slight peanut flavour, nothing too strong and thankfully just the taste – no claggy feeling at all!
While I could taste the peanuts and 22% of the total ingredients are actual peanuts, I couldn’t feel them too much in the bites. If I let the chocolate, nougat and caramel melt away in each mouthful, I was left with small peanut pieces on my toungue so they were definitely in there but to eat each bite properly, any crunchy texture was lost amongst the chewy nougat and thick sticky caramel. I actually think I prefer these bites to proper Snickers because of this. I like peanuts alone but I’m not too keen on them in chocolate weirdly – any other nut is fine! The peanut flavour is kind of diluted here, enough to set it apart from other chocolates but not overwhelm and make it exclusively peanutty, if that makes sense!
I also liked that this wasn’t very sweet at all unlike the caramel bites, of course there was a sweetness – it wasn’t bitter or anything – but the empahasis was on the actual flavour of the nougat, chocolate, caramel and peanuts.
Keep your eyes peeled for my review on the Whirly Bites bag squeezed in between the coming Christmas posts!

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