7/10 · Chocolate

Asda Giant Pinwheel Buttons

Milk chocolate and white chocolate buttons with a sticky caramel suprise
Asda’s blue ‘New!’ signs failed me this week. I know these Giant Pinwheel Buttons are new, I went out of my way to find them but there were no signs or displays pointing them out so I actually had to use my eyes for once!
For the sake of the review I’ll pretend I didn’t know what the suprise was going to be..
The buttons smelt unexpectedly caramelly and quite sweet.
I was impressed with the size and amount of buttons in the bag. They aren’t as big in diameter as Cadbury Giant Buttons but they’re twice the thickness, they’re also about double the size of Cadbury Caramel Nibbles too.
The sticky suprise hidden inside is a thick pool of runny, gooey caramel. It’s very sweet but does have a nice caramel flavour to it too.
Of the two chocolates, although there are exactly the same amounts of both, the white chocolate has the stronger flavour. Both chocolates take a backseat to the caramel but aren’t overwhelmed by it, the buttons have a nice blend of all three. I was worried that these would go the same way as the Caramac Buttons – a few in and the sugar starts burning my throat – but it never happened. Although the milk chocolate is the least noticable flavour it plays an important part in adding a milkiness and kind of ‘diluting’ the overload of sugary sweetness found in both white chocolate and caramel.
As it stands there are two kind of similar products about; Cadbury Caramel Nibbles and Caramac Giant Buttons. I would take a bag of these over either of those any day. The milk and white chocolate mix improve on the Cadbury format of buttons with a real caramel filling and are a mainly caramel flavoured button, like Caramac Buttons, but my thoughts were focused on the flavour rather than how sweet they were.

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