8/10 · Chocolate · Limited edition

Aero Mousse – Hazelnut & Choc

Aero have bought out a limited edition of their chocolate mousse – Hazlenut flavour with Choc. I do like the normal Aero mousse, it’s a nice little snack that tastes good and is still light enough to not fill you up before dinner.

Once the lid is peeled off you notice this looks near identical to the original mousse, I think, going by the  picture on the front of the packet there are supposed to be more chocolate swirls I’ll have to have another to check.

Taking a spoonful out the inside looks and feels  just the same too, but the similarities stop there. I’m actually really sad this is a limited edition, it blows the plain version out of the water. The fact it’s a hazelnut  flavour with a chocolate swirl rather than the other way round is a winner, it’s absolutely delicious. As far as I’m concerned they can get rid of the chocolate swirl and just give me more hazelnut, and while they’re at it put this in a bar!! I don’t think the rest of the packet will make it past tomorrow.

Rating 8/10


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