6/10 · Snack Bar

Nakd Strawberry Crunch

Yesterday I reviewed the nakd banana crunch bar here, and today it’s the turn of strawberry crunch!
The ingredients are exactly the same although percentages are a little different, slightly less crunchies, more raisins and cashews, only 2% strawberries and the same amount of apple juice. I can’t say I’m surprised this had less strawberry percentage wise than banana in the banana bar as the smell of this bar is much weaker.
This looks pretty much the same as the banana bar albeit slightly lighter, except for the inside. It’s less greeny/yellowy (maybe the green is my camera I don’t remember it being green!) than the banana bar, which makes sense seeing as there’s no banana in the ingredients.
It does smell and taste of strawberries but it is very faint, the taste is nice but in this bar you can taste the other fruits as opposed to one stand out flavour.

This is nice – texture and flavour,  it would rate higher if it had been labelled as maybe just a raw fruit bar but  it’s just not strawberryish enough for me!
Rating 6/10

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