9/10 · Chocolate

Lindt Hello My Name Is.. Cookies & Cream

I know these have been around for a while, but I’m really falling victim to supermarket offers at the moment and at half price in Tesco I couldn’t resist!
Having reviewed Cadbury Oreo and Cadbury Chips Ahoy I had high expectations for this and it didn’t let me down.
I love the packaging, first you open a little envelope style box and the bar is inside in gold foil. You do have to rip the foil to get it open, so it’s all fresh inside but the foil and box just give the bar a more luxurious touch and you really feel like you’re having a treat.
The bar is split into 10 squares and has 5 different pictures printed on them which is nice. It’s a thick bar, I could only smell the chocolate once I’d opened it rather than the overwhelming cookie smell in the Chips Ahoy bar but I am a smoker (tut tut I know!) so others with a better sense of smell than me may have a different experience.
 I then broke two squares off, had a look and thought I’d got the wrong bar inside! It was just nice clean milk chocolate, Lindt have kept the filling to the inside of each square instead of just filling the whole bar out like Cadbury. This would actually be better if you were going to portion yourself squares off, I didn’t.
Once I broke a square open you can’t miss the cookies and cream filling, it takes up the majority of it, and I could definitely smell it now. It really is good filling too, lovely thick and creamy with some large cookie chunks in it. Lindt are more known I suppose for their good quality chocolate with different flavours, but going by this bar they know what they’re doing on the filling front too.
The winner for me on the biscuit inside chocolate bandwagon!

Rating 9/10

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