8/10 · Chocolate

Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel

I finally got my hands on the new Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel, I managed to find it in a petrol station in London after coming up empty handed in every supermarket but I imagine they’ll be everywhere soon.
This is a Kit Kat Chunky separated into only 2 halfs, one with smooth caramel and one  crunchy  with caramel pieces. It looks normal on opening with both sides looking the same but once you snap the pieces in half you get to see the good stuff.
In order to take a photo of the center I ended up with four sections – 2 of each filling and on first tasting I thought I preferred the crunchy caramel filling. It’s your usual tasty nestle Kit Kat chocolate and wafer but the center is lovely, creamy and rich with fair sized caramel chunks. However on round 2 the smooth filling stood out, it is runny and gooey and everything you want with caramel.
Nestle have really pulled this one out of the bag. I love the idea of 2 separate bars in one and I think that will make people buy this for the novelty factor, but they’ve managed to put two really good flavours in it aswell, two bars infact that I would probably buy regularly, separately should they ever bring them out. I hope they do.

Rating 8/10

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