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Foreign Foods Part 4

E Wedel Gorzka
This is another 100g block of chocolate from E  Wedel, this particular bar was purchased in Asda but I know for a fact I’ve seen it on sale in Tesco and lots of newsagents in my area.
When I bought this I thought Gorzka meant dark going by the picture on the front, but when according to google translate it actually means bitter.
I really enjoyed this, I wouldn’t say it was bitter as such but it has a nice dark flavour.
It’s quite thick which is definitely a quality I look for in chocolate, there’s nothing better than that nice crunch when you take a bite and Gorzka ticks that box.
I would compare this bar to maybe a Bournville bar, in that some dark chocolates are too much and you can’t eat more than a few squares but I had no problem working my way through this bar! Very nice.
Rating 7/10
Thai Glico Strawberry Flavour Pocky
I have a shameful confession to make in that I’ve never had Pocky or Mikado or anything like that before, maybe I should have chosen a plain chocolate version to compare this to but never mind.
Again this is from Asda a few weeks ago but I’ve only just got round to eating them. I was very surprised at how many came in a pack, especially as from what I could work out from the packaging a pack is one serving.
They’re quite thin breadstick style biscuits, but from the parts without the strawberry flavouring on they seemed to have a nice flavour to themselves. At first I tried a single stick and was a bit disappointed, they were nice and crunchy but the strawberry was quite dull. I’ve learnt now though that these need to be eaten in at least multiples of two, and then I realised why it’s just one serving, wow these are moreish!!
I really enjoyed these, there’s a nice mix between the texture of the crunchy biscuits and the yoghurt(?) or chocolate (I’m not sure the box just says confectionary) strawberry flavour. I think before I buy these again I will try the chocolate versions first I can imagine they’re delicious.
Rating 7/10
E Wedel Gorzka Wiśniowa
This is Gorzka Wiśniowa, which I think I’ve worked out from the other bar and the picture on the front, means bitter cherry. Once again this is a 100g bar and there is actually an English translation on the back – 50% Dark chocolate with cherry filling.
This is a nice dark bar, for some reason when I opened mine it looks a bit busted – I’ve checked the date on the pack and it’s still good until November but hey ho!
When I took it out I didn’t break it apart,  it literally fell to pieces which was a bit worrying considering how it looked. It doesn’t really come across in the photo and I was too worried to try and break it apart again in case it disintigrated but there’s a white cream labelled as cherry filling inside each square as well as what’s on the ingredients list as ” 1.3% jelly puree”.
Worrying that this was stale was a waste of time, I should have known from the strong cherry smell that it was still fresh and wow it tasted good! I’ve never had a bar with a purée in it before let alone one with a purée and a cream filling but I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for another one. The cherry flavour was very intense  and really complimented the dark chocolate. It didn’t taste artificial to me either, maybe that’s because of the purée, and has a lovely fruity taste rather than sugary.
A really nice, moreish bar of chocolate.

Rating 8/10

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