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Foreign Foods Part 3

Dark Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites (USA)
I’ve seen these cookie dough bites around quite a bit, mainly in the supermarkets but just the ordinary or fudge brownie version. Typically after I’d eaten these and went to buy more everywhere seems to have stopped selling them!
From what I’ve seen online these are a typical cinema snack in the US, people mix them with popcorn which I imagine is delicious! They wouldn’t last very long with me in the cinema though, the chocolate is actually not bad quality, and although it overpowered the cookie dough flavour I still really enjoyed it – they’re like malteasers but but with cookies inside! The biggest ‘problem’ I found with these are they are incredibly moreish, I got through this packet in no time at all, and I will be keeping my eyes open for the other flavours.
Rating 7/10
Haribo Funny Mix (Halal)
These are a halal version of haribo, looking at the ingredients as expected the only difference is beef gelatine used instead of pork. Haribo also sell a vegetarian (or vegan I’m not too sure) version sold in a yellow bag.
I couldn’t taste any difference to tell you the truth, all the pieces tasted the same and the only difference that I can see is that the bag didn’t include any of the fizzy/sour sweets, which may be because of the gelatine used? I’m not too sure. I would have marked this down but because the bag was more than half of my favourites that were supposed to be in my liquorice Allsorts but were suspiciously missing, it gets an extra mark. Yummy and just as good if you need to eat Halal. Thumbs up from me!
Rating 8/10
Rittersport Cookies And Cream (Germany) 
These bars are available pretty much everywhere now, and most people know of Rittersports reputation for decent everyday chocolate. I’m not sure why seeing as the picture on the front shows milk chocolate, I assumed this was a white bar for some reason but it is Rittersport standard delicious milk chocolate.
As usual it’s split into 16 squares, which are easily broke into bars of 4 if you’re that way inclined, which I’m not – this bar was eaten in one go!
It has a very generous and thick cookies and cream filling, after eating the Cadbury Chips Ahoy bar the filling in this was more solid than I expected but that isn’t a bad thing. A great texture and a lovely creamy flavour, as far as I’m concerned Rittersport can do no wrong!
Rating 9/10

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