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Foreign Foods Part 2

Dairy milk tiffin (Ireland)

This is another Irish cadbury bar I got from Tesco. Its dairy milk chocolate with raisins and biscuits and as you can see mine had quite a lot of biscuit in it.
The bar itself is your usual dairy milk chocolate – which is delicious, I’m not sure if the Irish bars are a little different or my imagination is playing tricks on me because it’s still square but this tastes better to me than our dairy milk.
Anyway I love raisins in chocolate, fruit and nut is probably my favourite of our standard, non limited edition cadbury range and the raisins in this bar are no exception, however I’m not sure if my bar was old or stale but I couldn’t really taste the biscuit. I got the texture – which was fine I love chewy and crunchy together as I say over and over and over (woops) again but I really didn’t get any biscuit flavour which was a shame as I really enjoyed the other Irish bar and had high hopes for this one.
Rating 6/10
Cadbury Caramello (Ireland)
I decided to look the ingredients up after wondering about them in the previous review and interestingly the English version Cadbury Caramel has Glucose syrup as the 3rd ingredient and no cocoa mass that I can see listed and the Irish Cadbury Caramello has no glucose syrup listed as far as I can tell and cocoa butter and cocoa mass as the third and fourth ingredient. So maybe I wasn’t imagining the taste difference. Also English Cadbury Caramel has a 40% caramel filling and the Irish Caramello has 26% filling.
I actually prefer less caramel, it doesn’t overpower the bar and you get the taste of
the actual chocolate aswell as the delicious caramel flavour and I didn’t end up with melted caramel all over my fingers which is always a result.
I really enjoyed this bar and I would take this over our version of the caramel bar any day. Lovely.
 Rating 8/10
E wedel mleczna toffi
This is a polish 50% milk chocolate with toffee flavoured filling bar according to thesmall part in English on the back. That’s all I can really tell you about it as all the google results are in polish and the translate button seems to have disappeared.
This comes in a 100g bar, and I actually bought this as part of an offer in Asda but Ive seen it in all the big supermarkets and lots of newsagents.
I was quite surprised that for such a big bar it only had 10 squares ( there goes my willpower) –  it doesn’t feel like you’re  eating a bigger “sharing” bar when there’s so few squares and so I ate the lot in one go.
The chocolate is nice and creamy, I’m in the chocolate in the fridge camp, especially as my only cupboard is above the fridge so everything put in it that can, will, melt and almost immediately this had started. I’m not too sure what that says about the quality of chocolate, if anyone knows but this is nice.

The filling disappointed me a bit, it was quite mild. I had expected quite a strong overpowering toffee flavour and while the toffee was there it didn’t stand out to me very much.
I’m  not sure if I’d buy this bar again, for price value (75p as standard in tesco) it’s good chocolate but for taste over all others, I think I’d probably choose something else.
Rating 6/10
Hershey’s special dark mildly sweet chocolate (USA)
Before I start this review I’ll say I looked at the ingredients for this bar after the dairy milk bars and even though this is a “dark” semi sweet bar the first and main ingredient is sugar! Actual chocolate came in second…

Anyway this bar is OK, a bit on the thin side but it had a nice snap to it once I took it out of the fridge. I couldn’t taste any of the sick taste that lots of people outside of the US associate with Hershey’s but this was far too sweet for me to consider as a dark bar – nowhere even near Bournville or any of the other low percentage dark bars. It was nice though, nicer than Hershey’s plain milk chocolate.

Rating 6/10

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