9/10 · Ice cream · Limited edition

Ben & Jerry’s Satisfy My Bowl/One Love

It’s baaaaaack! Head to the bottom of this post for an update on the September 2016 version.
I was so excited to try this pint!! Every now and then Ben & Jerry’s bring out a limited edition pint and this is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s Legend album and is in partnership with the 1Love Foundation, every pint help funds a youth empowerment programme in Jamaica – surely that cancels out the guilt of eating a whole pint in one sitting?
I decided a while back to try every flavour of Ben & Jerrys and I only have the two new christmas flavours, Peanut Butter Me Up and a couple of scoop shop flavours left to try but sadly I discovered my love for Ben & Jerrys a little late and managed to miss all their previous banana flavours. Happily for me this is banana ice cream with caramel and cookie swirls and chocolatey peace signs.
Once I opened the pint up I could immediately smell the banana – so far so good! I think it’s quite easy to ruin banana flavoured ice cream but this is a really delicious base ice cream. I’m ridiculously impatient with ice cream so normally have to deal with the first layer being slightly more frozen but this was beautifully creamy from the get go.
It’s not as chunk filled as other pints but there are a decent amount of chocolate peace signs dotted about, they’re a darker tasting chocolate and they go really well with the sweet banana ice cream.
 The caramel swirl was there from the first scoop, its quite a subtle caramel flavour but you can really taste it when you get some mixed in. I didn’t seem to have that much cookie swirl in my pint, but to be honest I didn’t really miss it. Cookie and cookie dough are flavours Ben & Jerry excel at and while the flavouring of this one is just as good as any other, where I really noticed the cookie swirl was in the texture. Every now and then I got a gritty cookie flavoured bite, like a miniature version of a really tiny piece of cookie dough.
I really really enjoyed this bar, I’m gutted it’s a limited edition and I’ll have to stock up before it goes off to the flavour graveyard!
Rating 9/10

September 2016 

My favourite has returned and it turns out I didn’t need to buy and eat those 10 pints!
Back with a snazzy new name, One Love still is tied to Bob Marley, still helping to fund youth programmes in Jamaica and is still as delicious as ever.
As far as I can tell it tastes exactly the same!
With the amount of different pints of this flavour I’ve eaten I think it’s only fair to give a slightly broader review to above.

I still agree with the fact the base ice cream is one of the better Ben & Jerry’s flavours. If you don’t like banana don’t bother, it’s the star of the show.

There are plenty of chocolate peace signs – ignore 2014 me – and so far, that original pint is the one that’s had the most swirl actually. The caramel swirl was a bit of a no go this time round but the cookie was decent again in both texture and flavour, there just wasn’t that much. I still stand by my original statement that it doesn’t matter though. As I said the banana ice cream what I came for and it doesn’t disappoint.

Rating: Still a 9/10


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