8/10 · Ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s Joy To The Swirled

This is the second of three new flavours Ben & Jerrys have released this week, the first being Satisfy My Bowl and the third which I haven’t tried yet Minter Wonderland. This is a bit different from the normal pint in that it is chunk free! I was a little apprehensive about this as the chunks are my favourite part normally in a pint of Ben & Jerrys, they’re such good quality compared to some other brands and they never scrimp on the quantity! Anyway this is a vanilla ice cream with swirls of caramel and chocolate fudge.
I don’t think I’ve actually had just a plain vanilla from Ben & Jerry before, but as usual it’s a great base flavour. It’s very luxurious tasting and creamy, although it might be a little boring on its own – I’ll let you know once I manage to tick plain vanilla from a scoop shop off my list.
The chocolate fudge and caramel swirls are delicious. The first swirl really tastes and smells of fudge –  there is clearly chocolate there too but the fudge is the stand out flavour surprisingly considering how easy it is for chocolate to overpower. The caramel swirls are just as good, thick gooey caramel that was getting stuck to the spoon – perfect!
The swirls aren’t just in the top like some other brands (mentioning no names!!) but if anything there seems to be more of them the further you get into the pint. Infact the very bottom of my pint was 80% caramel, not that I’m complaining I could eat bowlfuls of that stuff!!
This is a really nice ice cream, I’m not sure if this is a limited run too I hope not as I think this could sell well, especially for people who aren’t too keen on add ins. I know I didn’t actually miss them in this pint.
I’d give this a 9 if I hadn’t tried Satisfy My Bowl 48 hours before.
Rating 8/10

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