Cadbury Chips Ahoy!

Wow! I’m posting on a weekday and not stupid o clock at the weeknd! 😛 


I bought this new bar in Tesco (currently on special offer at £1!) and I really wish I’d got as many as I could fit into the fridge.. 

When you open the bar the cookie smell is very strong, and very nice. I’m sure I’ve tried chips ahoy in the past, I’m not sure but going by popular opinion it seems to be one of the better mass market cookies you can buy.



There is is a very generous amount of cookie filling, in fact looking back at the photos it seems there is more cookie filling in this bar then there is in Cadburys other filled bar offerings. I didn’t take a picture before I wolfed this bar down (seriously it smells that nice!) but you can see cookie pieces poking through the back of the bar as well. 


I had a piece of the chocolate top break off and you can see the cookie pieces as well as the flavoured filling inside. 

This is a very nice bar of cadbury chocolate, much nicer than the Oreo bar which I did actually like as well. The flavour is pretty spot on and the cookie makes a lovely crunch rather than a chew. I will be buying a lot more, I just hope it isn’t limited edition or discontinued! 

Rating 7/10 (Changed it!) 



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