Hazlenut Chocolate

Rittersport white whole Hazlenut

ritter white

I’m a big fan of rittersport and first tried them after I managed to fill my suitcase with bars of them while on holiday – they were the only souvenirs I bought home and they were all for me! So I’m a very happy bunny now they seem to be on sale everywhere in the England! I’d never got round to trying the white whole Hazlenut bar, the dark is probably my fave but after reading I decided to try for myself!

Ritter white

The front of the bar looks like an ordinary white bar but the back shows just how packed out these bars are! Rittersport definitely don’t scrimp on the fillings.


Normally I find white chocolate gets a bit sickly, I’m not sure if this is because I’ve been eating the cheaper versions but this was the opposite, infact I’d ate the whole bar without realising!

I won’t write too much, the link above has it spot on I will be buying more of this bar though.

Rating 4/5

Divine milk chocolate with hazelnuts


This came in a hamper I received for my birthday a while back and I’ve finally got around to trying it. I’ve never tried Divine chocolate before but I have seen it on sale in Tesco (I think!). I liked the packaging of this chocolate, it came in a paper wrapper and inside that was a nice thick foil. I’m not sure what effect this has on the chocolate but it seemed more luxurious opening it than the standard plastic wrappers on most chocolates.
The chocolate itself was lovely, really creamy and I might buy a bar of the plain milk chocolate as it really is a nice base however I probably should have eaten this before the rittersport….

Milk hazel

The hazelnuts weren’t whole they added a nice flavour to the bar but the texture was more chewy whereas I really enjoy the crunch with nut bars. I realise that’s personal preference though and if you’re a fan of the Hazlenut flavour rather than texture this is definitely a bar to buy.


Rating 3/5


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