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Lily O’Briens Dessert Collection

Today I’ve got the Lily O’Brien’s Dessert Collection, which I quite happily worked my way through while watching the Football.



They were a gift and came in a lovely box which was quite hard to get into suprisingly and I ended up taking a pair of scissors to it which of course meant I had to eat all of them as they couldn’t go back in the cupboard like that (excuses excuses).

The box has 6 different chocolates and 3 of each which I thought was a funny number, if your going to share someone’s getting an extra of each.

First up was Key Limey Pie


These are dark chocolates with a zesty lemon curd, lime infused truffle topped with a drizzle of white chocolate. None of the 3 in my box had a white chocolate drizzle and they all were a bit bashed but I do know they were ordered from amazon and I think my postman doesn’t like me so… Anyway I expected these to be my least favorite but I was very surprised, the centre is refreshing – well as refreshing as chocolate can be. On my second tasting I really noticed the lime flavour, maybe the first was a dud but wow, deliciously strong without overpowering the chocolate. Really lovely.

Raspberry infusion

They don’t have a description of these on the site and the box got thrown after the butchering (that’ll teach me!) but these are pretty straight forward. They are dark chocolate with a creamy fondant centre, the picture doesn’t do it justice for just how filled these are, with raspberry pieces on the top. These were also nice the raspberry goes well with the dark chocolate and leaves a raspberry aftertaste after you’ve finished. Very moreish! On their own they are delicious but could easily go unnoticed compared to the amazingness (is that even a word) in the rest of the box.


Passionfruit posset


“White chocolate truffles infused with Passion Fruit and combined with Banana & Passion Fruit pieces, wrapped in milk chocolate and topped with more delicious Passion Fruit pieces!” I don’t read the description I just get stuck in so reading that I’m surprised, I couldn’t taste any banana at all just passion fruit, I’m not sure there’s any need for banana even in it seeing as they have the banoffee chocolate but these were lovely, a really nice flavour and every now and then when u get a piece of the dried fruit pieces it gives an added crunch so great texture wise too.
I decided to have another after I’d read about the banana (yeah right ;-)) and I could definitely taste the banana this time round, it really compliments the passionfruit. This chocolate has stepped up to third place in my ratings of the box.


Hazlenut Torte


“Scrumptious pralines combined with caramelised hazelnut pieces in a sweet white chocolate cup topped with dark chocolate and more delicious hazelnut”. Well as you can see mine got a bit squashed, but the flavours are still the same! The white chocolate cups made a nice change from the darks and milks in the rest of the box and the Hazlenut pieces were a welcome addition. A very sweet chocolate but very tasty.


Crème brûlée


Well these don’t need much description as you can probably tell from the name. Wow wow wow by far my faviourite in the box which surprised me as I’m a big banana fan. The sugar on top was delicious as was the filling, I really can’t put into words how nice this chocolate is. Seriously I’ve looked and they don’t sell these on their own otherwise I would have bought bags and bags of them.


Banoffee Pie


“Banoffee chocolate bite filled with signature Lily O’Brien’s chocolate and crispies topped with banana flavoured caramel, smothered in milk and white chocolate and topped with delicious toffee balls”. This was came in at 2nd in my rankings of this box, the banana flavour isn’t too artificial – I do enjoy that in other chocolates like the cadburys marvelous creations or angel delight, but in this chocolate it is more of a natural creamy banana taste. The toffee balls on top are nice and if the crème brûlée didn’t exist I would be raving over this chocolate, it had a hard task being eaten next!


Overall this is probably one of the nicest box of chocolates I’ve had. I was surprised by the size my pictures don’t do them justice they are quite large and very rich so take my advice, don’t do as I did get carried away and eat all eighteen chocolates in one go – as nice as they are! I’ve got another box left and I’m going to try my hardest to limit myself but I have a feeling it will be very hard..

Rating 5/5 (!)


4 thoughts on “Lily O’Briens Dessert Collection

    1. Oh no, I really think it was my bad luck! They were ordered from amazon and I don’t have the most careful postman! We’re lucky if our parcels don’t end up in the recycling bin most of the time, I’ll have to buy another box to make sure it was just a bad box 🙂

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