CHOC+ Rocky Road Scrumble

Oops, I’ve not posted for ages! Been a bit caught up waiting for results from the doctors but I’ve got the all clear so back on with stuffing my face 🙂

I didn’t get my own photo of this as I ate it while the boxing was on Saturday night and got a bit caught up in the excitement.

This is a bag from CHOC+ purchased in sainsburys in a “sharing size” bag (pssshh yeah right!) which weighs in at 100 grams. The company says they use only 100% natural ingredients and have 3 of these sharing pick and mix style bags. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on the banoffee one please let me know!! 

This is rocky road scrumble, crunchy biscuit pieces in finest milk chocolate, white chocolate chunks, soft caramel and mini marshmallows. They make a nice mix together, I seemed to get a bag filled mainly with marshmallows and white chocolate, but hey ho. The biscuit pieces are lovely – like teeny tiny malteasers, the white chocolate is good quality and I got some large chunks! The caramel is the stand out part of this bag though they are very similar to the thorntons vanilla fudge, in size wise and consistency I just wish there were more. The marshmallows were my least favourite, they didn’t really taste of anything but they gave a nice change to the crunch of chocolateness of the bag! I really enjoyed this.


8/10 I would definitely buy this again I have high hopes for the other bags! 

P.s I don’t call them marshmallows I say mellow, but this editor is really playing up and won’t let me write it!! Hmmph 😦 


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